IBA MBA- General Information

History of IBA

IBA, University of Dhaka was established in 1966. After IBA DU started its journey, it only started providing its flagship IBA MBA program. After few years, in 1970, IBA DU started PHD and MPhil program. IBA DU started its BBA program in 1993. The Executive program of IBA DU was initiated in 2007.  The program aims to cater the demand of a professional degree for the mid level career holders. Currently IBA DU is providing Management Development Progaram ( MDP) for the professionals. Under the umbrella of MDP, there are many different courses are offered by IBA to fulfil the demand of the market.
Institute of Business Administration, DU

Heritage of MBA

IBA produced a lot of prominent leaders in the country. They contributed not only in business but also in politics, culture and government administration of Bangladesh.

Is IBA MBA the Best?

From the initiation till now, IBA DU is undoubtedly the number one choice for the admission seeker. IBA achieved its reputation by its alumni. The institute itself follow a strict admission test screening so that only best of the best candidates can get into it.

Future of MBA Graduates

IBA MBA Graduate
IBA MBA Graduate
Most of the reputed foreign and local companies in the country consider IBA graduates to be their first choice while hiring. However, there are a lot of examples that the graduates have opened up their own business after having few years of work experience. In recent years, we have seen more and more young entrepreneurs from IBA. This is a new trend among the fresh IBA graduates. To know about question pattern of IBA MBA, visit our page here.