Welcome and thanks for visiting our website. Admission guru is an initiative to help people in different kinds of admission related difficulties. From the admission in different schools and colleges to top notch universities, we aim to expand our service horizon in next few years. Admission guru is currently  working on Dhaka University- DU MBA admission. It comprises of both- DU FBS EMBA and DU IBA MBA. But, in near future, we will expand our service as per the goal and mission.


To become the number one service provider in admission preparation mentoring industry in Bangladesh.


Admission guru is an admission service provider for the admission seeker, helping them prepare better.

How we help people

  1. We provide the admission seekers with necessary information.
    1. Admission criteria
    2. Important admission notice
  2. Admission guideline
    1. Previous question bank
    2. Online tutoring

How you can join us

It is easy and simple. To connect with you in 360 degree, we have our facebook page. So, feel free to join us at www.facebook.com/admissiongurubd. We are working on our online tutoring youtube channel.  It will be published soon.

Our current initiative

Currently we are working on MBA admission. More specifically, we are working on DU MBA admission. Because, we believe that faculty of business studies (FBS) and Institute of Business Administration (IBA) are the two most prestigious and long cherished platforms for the MBA admission seeker in Bangladesh. If a candidate prepare herself for these two institutes, we believe that she will be able to get into any other MBA providers in Bangladesh. Therefore, our primary study material, information and admission guideline will be based on these two institutes. For IBA MBA admission information, you can visit our related page.

Admission Courses

IBA MBA Admission

IBA is the dream to all the MBA admission seekers. It is so much competitive that you need to prepare for it well. We help you in IBA preparation for all sections.

IBA Executive MBA

Executive MBA of IBA is designed for the young executives who can not give full time for an MBA degree. 


Every year, thousands of MBA degree seeker get admitted to Evening MBA of Business Faculty of University of Dhaka. It is not that easy to get a chance here as well. 


Executive MBA of IBA is designed for the young executives who can not give full time for an MBA degree. 


what are the courses you offer?

We offer admission courses for MBA and BBA in the top institutions such as IBA, business faculty of university of Dhaka, Jahangirnagar University, NSU and so on. 

what is your location?

Our location is your home. You can take the courses through online. We do not have any physical address. 

who are the instructors?

We have only one instructor. He completed his BSC from University of Dhaka and MBA from IBA, University of Dhaka. He worked in various local and international companies. 

how much is the course fee?

How much you can pay? Course fee will never be a barrier for you to get a proper mentorship. Check your courses for detail. 

how long i get support after the course?

lifetime. You will get the access to our secret facebook group. You can ask any question even after completing the course. The mentor will try to respond to your problem. 

do you offer any discount?

Check our scholarship page. We offer unbelievable discounts round the years.  

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